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The Green Hillside

Inward, spiralling The river of awareness Finds us finding Little tensions to sweep Along a spine that dreams Carry slivers of me I hope for it to find Become a current of emotion Wash clean the mind … The waters move slow Run deep Like dandelions on the green hillside tousled by the wind Always … Continue reading The Green Hillside

A Word

All a poem needs is just a word A word to spark a flame in the heart of the listener Who also wishes to be heard That word could be blue The word could be hunger The word could be baby or daisy or dove Any word that begs, listen Please listen with love And … Continue reading A Word

into the earth

we move we shake  we ground  we build roots here in this place where gravity binds us here we are found swim with me into the sandy dunes  walk along the water and howl at the moon dance the dance you’ve never danced before and you may discover as we wonder along the ocean’s mysterious … Continue reading into the earth